Gönülçelen )) Episode 26 – Part 3/7 [English Subtitles]

Heart Stealer Episode 26 Part 3 of 7 with English subtitles. Enjoy watching! Caption should be ON!
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. haleh rohi says:

    agree with you thats why onour deserve tuba. they look great together

  2. yeshiorkbayou says:

    I love this movie. for all actors i love Lemis!!!!

  3. lelaful1 says:

    hahah, you are awesome :) )

  4. Abir Maryam says:

    Thank you for your effort :)

  5. mairay says:

    Saime is very pretty. And Bahar’s wig looks like a watermelon. I thought it was a wig, but apparently it’s her hair as seen in the photos with her sister. And it seems both sisters are mentally disturbed. :/

  6. rannouch100 says:

    Levent is a very kind and funny person!! He knows how make Hasret feel happy and how to console her :) ))))))))))))))))

  7. khadijael says:

    Thanks Fadia, we appreciate all the work you do. You are the best.

  8. jasmin6516 says:

    thanks Fadia!!!

  9. Atousa aKHAVAN says:

    thank you.. we love you so much for translating..

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